Previously the company or the goodwill should have been acquired or registered with the Inspeccion General de Justicia.

The competent authorities are the Instituto Nacional de la Propiedad Industrial (INPI) and NIC Argentina.


By filing a request with a form and the description of the patent concerned.


Once its category and its availability are checked, the request can be filed online, in person or by mail. After its registration, the right over the trademark is valid for 10 years, renewable.

3Industrial drawing and designs

They can not be registered when they had been previously disclosed or exploited or when they lack of originality. When registering them, the INPI only verifies formal requirements and not if there were similar or identical models or designs already registred.

4Domain “.ar”

It has to be requested at the AFIP website (accesing with the tax ID number and Fiscal Code), by selecting in NIC Argentina “Administración de dominios” and in the Ministry of Modernization “Trámites a Distancia”. Legal entities must appoint a representative to act on their behalf, with their own tax ID number and fiscal code level 3 at AFIP.