Winners: FedEx SMEs programme

This contest helps SMEs across the country to promote the internationalization of their business. Who are the winning companies? What do they do?

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10 SMEs from across the country won the FedEx Program for Small and Medium Businesses, a contest that seeks to foster the growth and international expansion of startups to help them take their business to the next level.

With more than 660 participating companies, Fracking Design was chosen in the first place after successfully outlining its business plans, strategic vision, and ethical standards in front of a jury that included representatives from FedEx Express, along with Marcos Pueyrredón, president of the eCommerce Institute, and Alejo Rodríguez Cacio, general director of investBA.

The company, which recycles big bags made of plastic and transforms them into premium triple impact accessories, received the grand prize of $1,800,000 and 60 consulting hours by investBA. The aim is to develop the export diagnosis and design a strategic export plan. In addition, it was invited to compete in the FedEx Tank Experience, a special opportunity presented by Shark Tank Mexico and the Sony Channel.

Meanwhile, the second place was for Give Move, which promotes innovative solutions for children and teenagers with motor disabilities, granting them mobility and autonomy. This Argentine SME was recognized with $1,260,000 and 30 consulting hours for the development of the export diagnosis and a market profile.

In addition, other winners were Awanay, Robbina, Mate Eléctrico, Bikinis Guadalupe Cid, Stick-eat, Daniela Sartori, GuidolinPepe and Chapanegra, who received prizes ranging from $720,000 to $90,000, and 8 consulting hours for the development of the export diagnosis as well as 2 tailor-made consulting sessions for each winner.

"As an agency, we are extremely proud to be FedEx partners in this contest that seeks to empower entrepreneurs and SMEs so that they can evolve, find new opportunities and internationalize their business," said Alejo Rodríguez Cacio, general director of investBA. "That 5 out of 10 winning companies were based in the City of Buenos Aires shows the enormous potential that local talent has to develop and expand beyond any border," added investBA’s director within the framework of the announcement.