Federal Technical Assistance Program

investBA and the Argentine Agency for Investments and International Trade (AAICI) join forces to strengthen the export capacity of companies in the City. Find out what this initiative is about!

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Together with the Argentine Investment and International Trade Agency (AAICI) we are developing the Federal Technical Assistance Program, an initiative that seeks to make available a trained professional to help each SME in the formulation and execution of an international business plan, in addition to accompanying them in the search for financing or partners for their business.

If you have a Buenos Aires based company with export potential or eventual export, which through an investment process, can improve its insertion in the value chain with export output, you still have time to sign up! Do it free of charge in the following link.

The technical advisers selected for the initiative are professionals with solid technical and commercial experience in international business who were intensively trained, within the framework of the Federal Technical Assistance Program, to assist companies in their insertion and positioning strategies abroad.

For more information write to us at investba@buenosaires.gob.ar.