• on-going project

    • 2019

    • 43,000 residents

The project includes construction of new streets, service infrastructure provision and laying of services. Also, improvement of 6,165 dwellings and construction of 1,226 new family houses, with focus on ownership regularization (property title). It aims to build an economic development and strengthen the social structure. The installation of the headquarters of the Ministry of Education is also expected.

  • Relocation of 118 families to new houses.
  • Improvements on streets and provision of utilities.
  • Relocation of the Ministry of Education.

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Of interest

City park

The project aims to urbanize the surroundings of the City Park located at Villa Lugano.

Concession for the Metro Network and Premetro of BA

Call for tenders for the operation and maintenance of the public overground and underground rail passenger transport service of the City of Buenos Aires (SUBTE).