#ReddeArgentinosenelExterior concluded with 30 winners that will have the opportunity to be in contact with people in same industry that are already exporting.

What is the contest about?

#Red de Argentinos en el Exterior

It is a program of detection of Argentine referents abroad that has the purpose of accompanying national companies that seek to insert and expand in foreign markets. The program arises with the aim of generating a new strategy to penetrate markets, through collaborative work between successful national references abroad and local companies seeking to expand. It is a point of connection between successful Argentine references abroad that can advise and support national companies.

What are the benefits?

#ReddeArgentinosenelExterior is a program with reciprocal benefits for all the actors that wish to participate in the project. Local companies will have the opportunity to be advised by successful referents through their knowledge and experience in foreign markets. The figure of the referring ambassador has the possibility of sharing his knowledge, mentoring and making suggestions based on his successful experience in foreign markets that are familiar to him. It can suggest possible improvements and reinforce business opportunities, becoming a reference figure for the company and for the entire ecosystem of the sector through commitment and joint work.

What do the winners achieve?

The companies (SMEs) and entrepreneurs of the City of Buenos Aires that are winners will have the opportunity to contact an Argentine benchmark that is residing and working in an international market that is of interest. Through this link, they will be able to obtain a greater knowledge and panorama of the market or country in which they are interested in expanding in the near future. They will have direct access to a reference that has gone through the same experience previously and knows the potential obstacles, competences, and interests that the Argentine company or entrepreneur will have to face in the future.