#BAalMundo en Experiencia Endeavor

The 8th edition of the annual event that seeks to promote talent, opportunities and business in the City of Buenos Aires was held.

"We are betting on promoting entrepreneurship and creative industries", highlighted Horacio Rodríguez Larreta at the opening of BA al Mundo.

Within the framework of Experiencia Endeavor, entrepreneurs and companies were present at BA al Mundo, our annual meeting that brings them together to listen, debate and learn about the latest trends in business, talent and innovation. With its own stage and space for 300 people, attendees could enjoy inspirational talks, in addition to receiving training focused on internationalization, mentoring and live advice.

The event that sought to encourage those present to go out into the world, was led by businessmen who boosted their business abroad and referents of companies that expanded thanks to the coworking community. In addition, representatives from different investment funds told the audience what they are looking for in local talent while training experts provided tools on how to present a business project concisely to potential clients, how to create a successful franchise and how to face the export path. Also  spokespersons from leading companies were present at the event and presented the latest trends in talent and organizational identity to drive a business that revolutionizes the market.

We continue working so that entrepreneurs from the City can bring their products and services from Buenos Aires to the world!