• 49 ha of green park

    • National binding competition

    • Recreational and commercial activities

    • City’s icon: 200 m high


    • 730,200 m2 constructible potential

    • 30,000 citizens

    • 27,000 m2 commercial corridors


    • 375,700 m2 constructible potential

    • 8.7 ha. total footprint

    • 21 mts maximum height

The City Park is a 49 ha public green space located at the Comuna 8 of the City of Buenos Aires. The project entails an urban development of 35 ha destined to residential, commercial and industrial use near Parque Metropolitano, with the main focus to benefit 2.5 million people within a 10km radius.

As project attraction anchors: Olympic Villa and Public buildings.

Regarding public infrastructure, the Government will focus on education, health and security for the neighborhood.

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City park

The project aims to urbanize the surroundings of the City Park located at Villa Lugano.