Descripción del proyecto


    • Access to Art District will be developed in the former Colonia Express parking

    • Surface 1,000 m2


    • A new public space will be created in the former vehicular playground

    • Surface 2,500 m2




    • 3,700 m2

The project entails the intervention of 17,200 m2 through the development of new public and commercial spaces, with the main purpose of improving the pedestrian connectivity of the coast edge and the integration of La Usina del Arte to Puerto Madero.

It seeks the incorporation of 56 new trees and 7,731 m2 of green space, and the development of rails, lighting, street furniture, bike path, platforms in sidewalks and ramps for the disabled.

Regarding the improvement of public areas, new art spaces will be incorporated, a new headquarters of the City Police (police station 22) will be installed to strength the security in the area, "Sanidad de Fronteras" Health Center will be built and the Plaza Malvinas will be reconditioned.

Of interest

City park

The project aims to urbanize the surroundings of the City Park located at Villa Lugano.

The Buenos Aires´ Innovation Park

The Buenos Aires Innovation Park will bring together a full innovation ecosystem dedicated to tackling grand challenges.