Economic observatory and strategic sectors

Collect, analize and follow up periodically the key macroeconomics variables of Buenos Aires City and Argentina, studying differents economic sectors in order to identify business opportunities with strategic vision.

Paseo del Bajo

The Paseo del Bajo will connect the north and south of Buenos Aires, ease traffic and create more green spaces.

The Urbanization of Barrio 31

Urban, social and economic integration of Barrio 31 to the rest of the City of Buenos Aires.

Concession for the Metro Network and Premetro of BA

Call for tenders for the operation and maintenance of the public overground and underground rail passenger transport service of the City of Buenos Aires (SUBTE).

Dique cero

Development of new public spaces in front of the river. It is aimed to improve pedestrian connectivity of the coast edge, integrate it with the City and provide it with new commercial and social uses.

City park

The project aims to urbanize the surroundings of the City Park located at Villa Lugano.

The Buenos Aires´ Innovation Park

The Buenos Aires Innovation Park will bring together a full innovation ecosystem dedicated to tackling grand challenges.