• Key sectors
    Cinema, TV, Animation, Advertising
  • Success stories
    Patagonia Films, Productora Primo, and Dori Media
  • Main export destinations
    India, USA, Israel, France, Brazil, and Mexico


  • A job-creator industry: The audiovisual industry accounted in 2014 for 23,000 out of 1.6 million jobs in BA, with a 50% increase since 2002. TV and radio account for half the industry’s jobs.
  • Export potential: Exports from the audiovisual sector reached USD 265 million in 2014, ranking #16 among top 20 exporters of audiovisual content. Main destinations of exports are India, the US, Israel, France, Brazil, and Mexico.
  • TV content goes global: BA is the world’s 4th largest exporter of TV formats. Over 80 countries broadcast locally-produced television shows.
  • Plenty of success stories: The aggregate value of the audiovisual industry grew 150% in the last 10 years.
  • Great ecosystem: 153 companies are located in BA’s Audiovisual District, with another 54 located in its surroundings; 44% are micro enterprises, 36% are small enterprises, and 20% are mid-size companies.
  • Audiovisual District: Companies located in the Audiovisual District receive tax exemptions and other incentives to foster growth. To learn more about these benefits please Contact Us or please visit
  • Key sectors
    Graphic Design, Design & Sound, Shoes, Accessories, Design by Author, Textile
  • Success stories
    Prune, Jazmin Chebar, Tramando, Vero Alfie, GantzToll, PlayFul, Inland and Los Caballos
  • Main export destinations
    Fashion: Brazil, Paraguay, Chile, Ecuador, Bolivia, Mexico, Uruguay, Japan and US
    Design: Chile, Colombia, Peru, US, UK and China

Fashion & Design

  • Home of design: Designers choose BA both from a cost and a talent perspective. BA’s thriving design industry spans fashion and architecture, industrial, interior, and urban design.
  • Globally renowned: In 2005, UNESCO designated BA as its 1st City of Design.
  • Export potential: 11% of fashion designers have gone global.
  • A great ecosystem: BA is home to 28% of clothes design companies; 92% are micro enterprises, 5% small enterprises and 3% mid-size enterprises.
  • Key sectors
    Business Services, Shared Service Centre, Business Process Outsourcing, Financial Services
  • Success stories
  • Main export destinations
    US, China, India, and Singapore


  • Life quality for executives: BA is ranked as the 2nd city with highest life quality for business executives in Latin America.
  • Well-trained professionals: Argentine professionals are flexible and adapt fast to new and challenging business environments.
  • Export potential: The services sector accounts for 68% of BA’s GDP. 15% of Argentine exports are services.
  • Preferred location for delivery centers: BA is the #1 location in Latin America for setting up a Shared Service Centers, Centers of Excellence, and similar delivery centers.
  • Large ecosystem: BA is home to 16,675 firms that provide knowledge-based services. +120,000 Argentines work daily exporting knowledge-based services.
  • Key sectors
    Education, Software Development, IT Consulting Services, New Technologies, AgroTech
  • Success stories
    MercadoLibre, Globant, Talamus and Datco
  • Main export destinations
    USA, Chile, Mexico, Peru, Uruguay, Brazil, Colombia and Ecuador


  • Persistent growth: The IT industry has grown from USD 1.6 billion to USD 7.9 billion in the last decade, with an annual compounded average growth rate (CAGR) of 18%.
  • SMEs lead the way of the industry: 52% of Argentine IT companies have up to 30 employees, 27% have between 31 and 100 employees, 15% have between 101 and 300 employees, and 6% have over 300 employees.
  • BA hub: BA hosts 57% of Argentina's IT firms.
  • Incubators: The Government of BA offers a successful program of incubators for technology entrepreneurs.
  • Competitive industry with export potential: 26% of foreign income in Argentina is destined to software and IT services. Technology exports grew close to 19% in 2016.
  • Key sectors
    Gastronomy, Clothing, Accessories, Specialized Business, Services
  • Success stories
    Café Martínez, La Martina, Grido, Rapsodia and Cardón
  • Main export destinations
    Paraguay and Chile


  • A job-creator industry: The franchising industry employs +194,000 people directly.
  • A great ecosystem: With 700 brands and 30,000 points of sale, BA offers a wide scope of small, medium and large companies.