Argentina ranks #1
    in Latin America in terms of researchers per worker
    BA is home to 50%
    of Argentina’s pharma industry
    189,648 jobs
    in health care in BA

Why come to BA and Spread Science?

  • Argentina spends USD +3 billion in R&D annually, 6 times 2003 figures.
  • R&D accounts for 0.6% of Argentina’s GDP, above Mexico, Chile, Uruguay, Peru, and Colombia.
  • 3 full-time researchers per 1,000 inhabitants in Argentina; twice as much as Brazil, and 60% more than China.
  • In the last decade, the number of scientists in R&D almost doubled in Argentina, reaching +80,000 people.
  • Innovation projects in Argentina have an average success rate of 56%.
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    +200 firms
    in the biotechnology sector in Argentina
    BA is home to 26%
    of Argentina’s research groups
    USD +2 billion
    of annual revenue in Argentina


  • Chosen destination: +200 firms work on the biotechnology sector in Argentina. Global players include Bayer, Dow Agrosciences, Nidera, Monsanto, and Syngenta.
  • Great industry: Annual revenue of USD +2,000 million in Argentina and 5,000 people employed. Seeds and plants total 40% of revenue; animal health 25%, and inoculants 8%. Annual exports total USD 80 million.
  • Knowledge generation: 1,754 researchers in Argentina.
  • Food and beverages: Argentina has a large and highly competitive food and beverage industry, with annual revenue of USD 53 billion, and USD 21 billion in exports.
  • Human talent: Argentina ranks #1 in Latin America in terms of researchers per worker.
  • Tax incentives: The Biotechnology industry is among the promoted sectors of the Technology District.
    Companies located in the Technology District receive tax exemptions and other incentives to foster growth. To learn more about these benefits please Contact Us or visit this external link
    of BA’s GDP
    BA is home to 50%
    of Argentina’s pharma industry
    USD 5.8 billion
    of annual revenue in Argentina


  • Great results: In 2015, Argentina's pharmaceutical industry reported a revenue of USD 5.8 billion, +10.7% compared to 2014. The industry has grown sustainably in the last decade.
  • Bio city: 50% of the activities of the pharmaceutical industry in Argentina is located in BA.
  • High standards: In the drug manufacturing sector, there are close to 190 industrial plants with the highest quality standards located in Argentina, 160 of which are companies of national capital.
  • Argentina to the world: Many local laboratories have become global, opening offices in Latin America, the US, Europe, and Asia.
    14,000 foreigners
    visit Argentina to receive medical treatment
    243,923 patients
    are treated in hospitals in BA
    189,648 jobs
    in health care in BA

Health Care

  • International health care: Curative medicine accounts for 62% of the international patients; aesthetics accounts for the remaining 38%. Each patient travels with at least 2 or 3 people, and spend an average of USD 13,000 per group.
  • Well prepared and growing: BA is home to 13 acute-care hospitals; 2 general hospitals for child care; 14 specialty hospitals.
  • World class technology: Treatments use world class technology, and cost between 40% and 60% less than similar treatments in the US.
  • Positive prospects: It is estimated that by 2020, foreign patients will generate USD 500 million per year.

Useful Facts

Great talent:

  • BA has over 1,500 CONICET researchers dedicated to life, health, and natural sciences.

Chosen destination:

  • 78 out of 300 biotechnology research groups in Argentina are located in BA (26%).

Growing revenue:

  • Last year’s revenue for the Argentine pharma industry totaled USD +2 million, 70% generated by local companies.

Biology sciences:

  • +6,000 researchers and academics specialized in biological sciences, and +5,000 journal articles in the last 15 years in Argentina.

Globally renowned medicine:

  • 14,000 people visit Argentina every year to receive medical treatment. Almost 80% choose BA. Annual revenue for this segment is estimated at USD 500 million.

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