Other services involved in the investment or export process

Consulting services in international trade

Aclarecer Group (Cooperativa de provision, exportación y consumo Aclarecer LTDA)

Cooperative specialized in the commercialization of Argentine products in the international market, mainly in the fashion sector. Develops tailored programs to help SMEs boost their growth and explore the path of export, internationalizing their products and services, identifying business opportunities through market studies and knowing the possible barriers they face when exporting.

Benefit: First consultation free of charge and 15% discount on the consulting and management service.

Email: info@aclarecergroup.com

Social media: Facebook - Instagram - LinkedIn - Twitter


Consulting services in business internationalization processes

Adriana Ianni (X-AR Exportation Argentine Network)

Consultant in international trade specializing in the development of export strategy. She provides advice for the diagnosis, the export plan and the search for business opportunities abroad.

Benefit: 50% discount on diagnostic consulting.

Email: info@x-ar.com.ar

Social media: Facebook - LinkedIn

IT consulting services and software development

Digital Express (Softar SRL)

Company dedicated to the development and commercialization of management software (ERP). It has focused on providing its clients with solutions in which the concept of flexibility and software friendliness prevails. It has highly trained personnel with vast experience in transportation and logistics to assist its clients in the best management of their operations.

Benefit: 35% discount on the price of Use Licenses.

Email: administracion@digital-express.com.ar 

Social media: Facebook - Instagram - LinkedIn - Twitter - YouTube


Software Factory, Data Quality, Forms and Processes Digitization, Document Management Software

Econat (Econat S.A.)

Systems consulting company with deep expertise in projects developed for large organizations. They work with their clients as true strategic partners and with a single goal: to transform their company's intellectual capital into powerful assets to drive it forward. It offers IT consulting services, software factory, data quality services and BI solutions.

Benefits: Free technical support for the first year.

Email: gabriel.katz@grupoeconat.com 

Social media: LinkedIn


Digital marketing services

EMA Group (Martin, Aschendorf & Asociados Sociedad Civil)

Company dedicated to providing services in three traditional areas: accounting, auditing and taxes. In addition, they provide digital marketing services, financial advice, and human resources and training. Also, it offers its clients a service designed to comprehensively accompany the development and growth of their business.

Benefit: 20% discount on the fees to be budgeted.

Email: fcanoni@estudiomartin.com 

Social media: Facebook - LinkedIn


Argentine franchise internationalization services

Estudio Canudas (Estudio Canudas S.R.L.)

Company with professionals specialized in franchising, from strategic planning and the preparation of manuals, to the preparation of contracts. In addition, it is a member of Front Consulting International, the largest network of franchise consultants in Latin America.

Benefit: Test of viability of the franchise or franchiseability free of charge and 15% discount on professional fees.

Email: informes@estcanudas.com.ar 

Social media: Facebook - Instagram - LinkedIn - Twitter - YouTube



Facundo Javier Pan (Facundo Javier Pan)

Insurance advisor with extensive experience in the automotive, motorcycle, home, commerce, industry, surety, ART, personal accident, life sectors, among others.

Benefit: Free consultations and 15% discount on requested coverage.

Email: facundo@pan.com.ar

Social networks: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn



Comprehensive customs management company, international freight transport and international insurance.

Benefit: 10% discount on the total value of the invoice

Email: administracion@gfaco.com


Courier transport

FedEx Express (Federal Express Corporation)

Company in more than 50 countries and territories. It offers a wide portfolio of transport and logistics solutions, being the pillar of growth in the region, and continues its commitment to small, medium and large exporters by offering innovative ways to access the global market.

Benefit: 20% discount on international shipments (valid for customers with FedEx checking accounts and only for FedEx Express International Priority, FedEx Express International Priority Freight, FedEx Express International Economy and FedEx Express International Economy Freight services).

Email: mcollados@fedex.com 

Social media: Facebook - Instagram - LinkedIn - Twitter


Digital transformation services, data engineering and business intelligence (Business Intelligence)

GESTIA SAS (Gestia consultores)

Knowledge-based services company (SBC) specialized in business architecture and data management. It offers consulting services and development of solutions for digital transformation, management systems, data engineering, business intelligence (Business Intelligence), data integrations and software development.

Benefit: Consulting for the initial diagnosis 100% subsidized + 10% discount on the first invoice.

Email: info@gestiaconsultores.com.ar

Social media: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn


Financial management and external market developing

Management en Red (Estudio Lugones SRL)

Provides consulting services in internationalization, strategic marketing, administrative, accounting and financial outsourcing, as well as in-company training.

Benefit: Free diagnostic meeting.

Email: geidlin@managementenred.com.ar 

Social media: Facebook - LinkedIn


Advice on foreign trade

María Roberto (Get Global)

Graduate in International Trade and more than 24 years of experience in the field. She has her own registered trademark, Get Global, through which she provides services related to foreign trade, including: advice, consulting, management and training in foreign trade for SMEs and entrepreneurs; outsourcing of their exports; previous procedures; design of export business plan; search for external markets; export costs and prices; international marketing development; VAT recovery for export; preventive audits of foreign trade; exportation of services; and customs legal advice.

Benefit: 100% discount on the first consultation and 30% discount on consulting and management.

Email: mariaroberto@getglobal.com.ar 

Social media: LinkedIn


Consulting, market research and training related to exports

Mariano Mastrangelo (Regiones y Negocios)

Graduate in international trade, university professor and general director of Regiones y Negocios, consulting firm specialized in international business, with extensive experience in research programs, training, consulting, and the design and implementation of public policies to promote exports in several countries.

Benefit: 15% discount on each service.

Email: mmastrangelo@regionesynegocios.com 

Social media: LinkedIn


Multichannel notification automation platform

TERIN (Assert Solutions SRL)

A multichannel communications automation platform that allows to centralize, control, audit, design and send messages, notifications and alerts through different channels.

Benefit: 50% discount on the advanced plan during the first year of subscription.

Email: fmigliaro@assertsolutions.com 



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