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#ReddeArgentinosenelExterior concluded with 30 winners that will have the opportunity to be in contact with people in same industry that are already exporting.

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Buenos Aires is launching a public bidding for the operation of the Subway

The public bidding for the operation of the six lines of the city's subway is now open. The winner company will begin operating in 2019.


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World Economic Forum
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The Economist: Argentina Summit 2018
Ciudad de Buenos Aires
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Why BA?

Why BA?

14 out of the Top 30 Fortune 500 companies have chosen BA to establish their businesses. 12 out of 14 firms trading on the Dow Jones Industrial Index have settled in BA.


High quality of life and living standards

With a UN’s HDI of 0.88, BA ranks above countries like Brazil, Chile and Spain. #2 Best Place to Live in LatAm.


Multicultural, flexible and qualified workforce

#1 in English-speaking capabilities in LatAm. +30 universities. 217 graduates for every 1,000 inhabitants.


Diversified and robust economy

With a GDP close to USD 100 bn, BA accounts for 25% of Argentina’s output, and 10% of it’s population.


Extended economic and productivity growth

Measured in USD, BA’s GDP doubled in the last decade.


Significant investment opportunities

Private investments announced for USD 2 bn (2016-2019). Capital expenditures by the City’s Government of over 2 bn in 2017.


Sound and competitive infrastructure

#2 in Latin America in terms of Infrastructure Safety, according to the Safe Cities Index 2015.