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About us

investBA is the Investment & Trade Promotion Agency of Buenos Aires City. It is an office of the Undersecretariat of Economic Development, within the Buenos Aires Ministry of Economic Development and Production. 

Our goal

To position Buenos Aires City as an attractive business market, encouraging investments and enhancing the export capacity of local talent from the city’s strategic sectors.


How we work

investBA serves as the strategic partner to companies seeking to develop their businesses in the City of Buenos Aires. Our multidisciplinary team provides customized assistance to investors and exporters throughout their decision-making process.


Investment promotion:

We attract new investments and promote the City of Buenos Aires as an international business market. 

Our aim is to foster establishment of new companies and expansion of those already located in the City. We also seek to  boost investment projects, both public and private, as well as sectoral opportunities.

Assistance to investors:

We work closely with business and investors and address their concerns at each stage of their investment and/or re-investment process in the City of Buenos Aires.

We provide legal, tax and market-related advice for companies to successfully manage their businesses locally. Furthermore, our customized services include we working with a network of contacts in government agencies.

Exports promotion:

We promote exports of both goods and services, and help entrepreneurs and local  businesses that are going global, landing in foreign markets, or searching for strategic partners and/or seeking financing abroad.

We develop programs that connect local talent with global opportunities, and make arrangements for positioning missions abroad to maximize companies’ chances of going out into the world.


Assistance to exporters:

We build up and enhance the export capabilities of local talent, creating a culture of global thinking.

We help professionalize the export path of entrepreneurs and companies in the City of Buenos Aires through a wide range of either on-site or online training activities. At the same time, we provide customized assistance in foreign trade by specialists.


Policy advocacy:

We design and implement proposals for regulatory amendments with a view to boosting the competitiveness of the strategic sectors of the City of Buenos Aires in the global economy. This way we improve the business climate for the region and increase investments and international trade.


Planning and strategic positioning:

We work to position the City of Buenos Aires as an attractive place to do business.

We design and execute a communication, promotion and relationship strategy with relevant players from the local and international scene to give visibility to the services provided by investBA and to promote investBA as a strategic partner for business development in the City of Buenos Aires.

Commercial intelligence:

We carry out studies on the current status and the potential of the strategic sectors of the City of Buenos Aires, and work to identify business and investment opportunities.

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