Professional and management services

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The professional and management services sector in the City of Buenos Aires is the largest export segment, it amounts to US $ 2,727 million in 2019 and represents 40% of the total exported by the City that year1.

With a great possibility for growth and development, 43% of employment in the sector is located in the City of Buenos Aires.

This sector includes:

  • Management consulting: administrative consulting services, application of new technologies, management and process optimization, among others.

  • Technical consulting: consulting companies engaged mainly in health research and inputs, including  test and trial laboratories.

  • Accounting and legal services: accounting, legal and translation services.

  • Architectural, engineering and industrial design services: companies or professionals in the fields of engineering, architecture and design regarding projects of infrastructure, industrial design, geological, geographical and cadastre, environmental impact assessment, maintenance and repair.

  • Human resources: businesses engaged in personnel recruitment and human resources management and continuous improvement.

Accounting consulting and legal advice, architectural and engineering services together with market research are among the most highly developed business services in the country, with the highest capacity to create jobs and the greatest potential for export.


1  Source: CABA 2017-2018 export matrix (Wobax), 2019