Financial services

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The financial services sector is one of the most important industries in the City of Buenos Aires. With a high potential for the generation of new jobs, this sector employs more than 60,400 people1. Currently, over 450 financial service entities are located in the City1, with an upward trend.  

This sector includes:

  • Insurance

  • Financial sonsulting 

  • Investment banking and capital market 

  • Credit brokerage

In 2018, this sector represented 11.1% of the city’s GGP2. In 2018, Argentina's financial service exports accounted for more than $140 million, while the City’s exported financial services totalled over 405 million dollars.

1  Source: Observatory on Employment and Business Dynamics (OEDE), 2020

2  Source: General Directorate of Statistics and Census (DGEYC) of the Government of the City of Buenos Aires