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Tourism plays a major role in the economic development of the City of Buenos Aires, as around three million foreign tourists visit Buenos Aires every year. This industry creates over 79,300 local jobs1.

Captivated by its culture, cuisine and infrastructure, thousands of foreign tourists, companies and organizations see the City of Buenos Aires as the perfect destination for leisure or business. And this is why in 2018 the City was # 1 on this list of American countries in recognition of its capacity for hosting international events2.

The tourism sector includes the following subsectors, which represent 6.4% of the City's GGP3:

  • Conventions and expos 

  • Cruise ships

  • Museums

  • Travel agency

  • Gastronomy

  • Hospitality

Tourism figures:

The City, through investBA and ENTUR, passed a bill granting tax incentives for the construction, remodeling and expansion of Buenos Aires based hotels.

Get to know more about the rules and regulations in force, the tax benefits available and how to apply for them. 

1  Source: Observatory on Employment and Business Dynamics (OEDE), 2020

2  Source: International Association of Congresses and Conventions, 2019

Source: Entur Autonomous City of Buenos Aires