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The City of Buenos Aires is a university hub with nearly 500,000 students and 42 existing institutions. Currently, over 1,700 educational services companies do business in the City, creating  about 140,000 jobs1. These businesses offer more than 8,000 programs in all areas of knowledge as varied as applied sciences, basic sciences, health sciences, humanities and social sciences.

In 2018, the sector contributed 2.7% to the city’s its GGP2, while in the same year, Buenos Aires exported education services totalled U$S8 million3.

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1  Source: Observatory on Employment and Business Dynamics (OEDE), 2020

2  Source: General Directorate of Statistics and Census (DGEYC) of the Government of the City of Buenos Aires

3  Source: CABA 2017-2018 export matrix (Wobax), 2019