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The City of Buenos Aires has a series of public and private health services aimed towards the care of the neighbours. Currently, there are more than 4,200 companies linked to the manufacture of pharmaceutical products, medicinal chemicals and botanical products and services related to human health that generate around 108,200 jobs1.

In 2018, the sector accounted for 6.7% of its GGP2, while in the same year, the City's health services exports accounted for $ 226 million3.

There are:

  • 13 public acute hospitals 

  • 2 public children hospitals

  • 13 specialized public hospitals

1  Source: Observatory on Employment and Business Dynamics (OEDE), 2020

2  Source: General Directorate of Statistics and Census (DGEYC) of the Government of the City of Buenos Aires

3  Source: CABA 2017-2018 export matrix (Wobax), 2019