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Below we present various services related to the export process that the Government of the City of Buenos Aires makes available with a number of benefits.

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Distribution and logistic services

Distribution services

Logistic - customs services

Marketing and e-commerce services

International and strategic marketing services

E-commerce services 

Consultancy services

Legal consultancy services

Accounting and tax consulting services

Other professional consultancy services

Translate, design, advertising, press and communication services

Translate services

Design services

Press and communication services

Advertising services

Commercial, financial and human resources services

Commercial services

Financial services

Human resources services 

Architecture, construction and advisory services

Architecture, construction and advisory services

Technological and data processing services

Technological services

Data processing services

Other services involved in the investment or export process

Consulting services in international trade

Consulting services in business internationalization processes

Engineering services

IT consulting services and software development

Software Factory, Data Quality, Forms and Processes Digitization, Document Management Software

Digital marketing services

Argentine franchise internationalization services

Courier transport

Market research, public opinion and surveys

Advice on foreign trade

Consulting, market research and training related to exports

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