Participate in the Cities of the Americas Summit 2023

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The Cities Summit will take place the week of April 24, 2023 in Denver, Colorado, with plenary sessions on April 27 and 28 at the Denver, Colorado Convention Center.

The Innovation Plaza Trade Expo will be held concurrently with the Cities Summit plenary sessions to highlight a range of technologies, products and services that help make cities smarter, more accessible, better governed and sustainable , helping participating subnational leaders to identify tangible solutions that can be applied to the challenges that will be addressed in plenary sessions.

You can submit your proposal and postulate your company to participate through the installation of interactive exhibits and samples of the offers and innovative solutions of their companies. In addition, they will have the opportunity to be part of B2B meetings, with a space for "networking" and 1:1 meetings.

The event aims to highlight a series of technologies, products and services that make it easier for cities to become smarter, more accessible, improve their governance and be sustainable, helping subnational leaders who participate to identify tangible solutions that can be applied to the challenges that will be addressed in the plenary sessions of the Summit of Cities.

The deadline to submit these proposals is January 27, 2023, which must be sent through an online form found in the following link.

Exhibit selection criteria:

  • Companies will submit a proposal using the online form describing: The technologies, products and services to be displayed at the exhibition/show and their applicability to address the set of challenges facing cities in the region.
  • The exhibition proposal (ideally including interpretation), with a description of how the participants will be able to engage with the information/products/technology demonstrations on display.
  • Any technical requirements (exhibitors will anticipate logistical requirements, such as electricity, internet access, water access, hazardous materials, waste removal, etc.).
  • Company history and location (including company headquarters).
  • The environmental, social and governance activities of the company if applicable, including support for small and medium-sized companies and their commitment to diversity and inclusion.

Proposal evaluation criteria:

  • Relevance of the technologies, products and services that will be displayed in the exhibition/show with the theme of the Plaza of Innovation.
  • Inclusion of innovative exhibits, product demos and hands-on learning opportunities on site.
  • It is encouraged to leave the traditional image of fair stands or fair samples to look for more original and innovative exhibits.
  • Technical viability.

Additional considerations:

  • There is a special interest in environmental and sustainable solutions.
  • They hope to have a diverse geographic representation and seek participants from across the region. Companies are encouraged to highlight/onboard their regional partners, distributors and vendors from across the region.
  • Priority will be given to small and medium-sized companies, and businesses whose owners or recipients are populations that have not traditionally been satisfactorily served.
  • Consolidated proposals that bring together multiple entities in a single exhibition or sample will be positively welcomed.
  • Proposals will be considered in order of receipt.

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