Skills of the future

In the framework of BA al Mundo and together with great members of the academic and business ecosystem, we talked about the skills to take into account today for the global businesses of tomorrow. Know what they are in this article!

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Three leaders from the academic and business fields participated in our annual event, BA al Mundo, to discuss the transformation of organizations, the attributes of talent in the world to come, and the importance of leadership to do business in the new normal. They are:

Candelaria Chicote, Career Development Manager of Acámica, an academy of agile and innovative careers, 100% remote, created with giants of the technology industry.

Melani Machinea, Academic Director of the MBA and Executive MBA programs at Torcuato Di Tella University and a fundamental pillar for the launch of the Master in Management + Analytics, as well as the Women in Business initiative, which seeks to enhance women's leadership in organizations.

Liesl Isler, Business Development Manager at SheWorks!, a platform that seeks to bridge the gender gap through technology, connecting women seeking job opportunities with companies and offering remote management tools.

Now, what are the skills of the future to develop to prepare today for the global business of tomorrow? Take note of what each one thinks:

"Acquiring digital skills that allow you to stay current and adapt with agility to the change of technology is a central axis" says Candelaria, mentioning how Acámica encourages people to develop a dynamic thinking model to be current in a constantly changing world. "Critical thinking, logic to tackle a complex problem, decision-making based on data, empathy and people-centered design" adds in relation to the concrete skills that will be fundamental to the demands of the future and the impact of digital transformation.

For her part, Liesl added: “This is a moment of personal leadership. It is much more important to be responsible than to be perfect. The world of work is becoming human”. Among the main attributes to consider, the director of SheWorks! highlights: “You have to have courage and vulnerability, to understand that we can make mistakes and face complex situations; belonging and empowerment, to ignite passion in others and achieve more creative results; assertive communication, so that everyone understands the vision of the company and why things are done; empathy, to be able to understand positions different from one's own; compassion for frustrations and mistakes; and finally flexibility”.

Finally, Melani mentions: “In this world of global business it is essential to develop interpersonal skills such as emotional intelligence and the ability to adapt. Two key tools for all those who occupy leadership roles, especially in the post-pandemic world”.

Do you want to hear the full talk? Watch the event by clicking here.