Creative industries

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Buenos Aires creative industries is one of the most dynamic sectors in the city in terms of business creation. With a mixture of talent, technology and unique working spaces, creative industries find in Buenos Aires ample space for their development and growth potential.

Creative Industries include:

  • Audiovisual production

  • Advertising commercials 

  • Arts and entertainment 

  • Videogame development, marketing, and monetization

Regarding creative industries, the audiovisual sector is the most dynamic segment of the economy, approximately 1,900 companies based in the City of Buenos Aires, employing over 18,600 people1.

The development of the audiovisual sector is supported by the Audiovisual District Office, a City-run center for the promotion of the audiovisual industry, which offers a number of benefits to companies located in the neighborhoods of Palermo, Chacarita, Villa Ortúzar, Paternal and Colegiales.

The Banco Ciudad of Buenos Aires offers preferential credit facilities for the purchase of real estate, civil engineering works, construction and remodeling, purchase of new machinery and equipment  or to be used as working capital. These facilities will be available to foreign capital firms until 2021, while they will be available to local capital companies until 2026. Currently, 276 companies employing  8,708 employees are  located in the District. Click here for more information.

Learn more about the Economic Districts of the City of Buenos Aires, their location, and the benefits each District offers to resident businesses.

1  Source: Observatory on Employment and Business Dynamics (OEDE), 2020